• Our Story

    Dr. J. Taylor Tribble founded EduSkills in January, 2011. Taylor has been a classroom teacher, an EL coordinator, district administrator and university instructor, and his vision is that technology can reduce paper-work load, simplify compliance and enhance instruction while giving educators more time to provide meaningful support to students. EduSkills serves educators in PK-12 educational institutions with total student enrollments ranging from as small as 100 to as large as 150,000+ across the U.S. Our team has over 330 years of combined experience in educational software design and development with proven technical expertise that allows us to provide unique solutions to make your work with students more efficient and productive. As a result, Eduskills data integration services provide timely information that allows educators to focus their valuable time on directly supporting students in more targeted and meaningful ways. More specifically, EduSkills supports educators in the follow ways:

    Additionally, EduSkills works with your district personnel to give recommendations on how to best utilize data in the classroom. Our clients expect and receive first class individualized support and help. As many school districts have discovered, EduSkills is not just a software company; EduSkills is part of your team.